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The Winner and Still Champion…112th Worst Congress EVER!


Latrice Phillips

And the winner for the worst Congress…EVER…goes to… The 112th Congress for being ineffectual, childish and rendering the most powerful nation in the world impotent.

Many of you have heard the term Boondoggle before. It’s often used to describe huge impractical messes that our politicians get us into. The technical definition is:  “A wasteful or impractical project or activity.”

Just to get a good idea of what exactly that means, you know… in context, allow me to use it in a sentence:

The entire session of the 112th Congress was a complete Boondoggle, an utter waste of taxpayer money, in salaries and benefits, and time.

Yep, that sums it up perfectly.

I hate to beat a dead horse, or Congress, but apparently it has to be done when talking about this bunch. In case anyone happened to miss most of the last two years, or doesn’t read my blogs…tsk, tsk,  let me sum up for you why the Worst Congress Ever award goes to this outgoing pack of alleged federal legislators. It’s not just because Bachmann and  AllenWest were there, but let me say it surely did not help.

Members in the House of Representatives serve two year terms and in the Senate they serve six year terms.

In 2010, promising “Jobs, jobs, jobs,”  the GOP and its large new sub-faction, the Tea Party, were elected to a majority in the House of Representatives. Over the last two years they produced no meaningful jobs legislation.

They did manage to vote to repeal Obamacare thirty-three times last session. Yes, that’s right, in two years they managed to bring the repeal of Obamacare to the floor for a vote 33 times. Even after its provisions gained popularity. Even after the Supreme Court upheld it.  Even after the Senate wouldn’t bring their legislation up for a vote and the President said that he would veto any of it if a bill was ever passed.

They also let the Violence Against Women Act expire.  Republicans needed more of a reason for women to dislike and distrust them.

They failed to pass the Hurricane Sandy relief package, which comically and epically turned their future Presidential frontrunner Governor Chris Christie against his party.

House Republicans stood in opposition to just about everything, while continually bringing up and passing bills for every extremist position, knowing full well that each would die a sad slow death in the Democratically-controlled Senate.

You know the Fiscal Cliff nonsense we just went through? Thank your Congressmen when you get a chance. The entire “crisis” was created, proposed and passed by the 112th Congress, not to let the President off the hook. It was signed by the President. It was supposed to force heavy military spending cuts to balance GOP pain against heavy cuts to social programs, all topped by a hard and fast deadline of December 31, 2012. It only served to once again to set up an artificial line, a phony brink of disaster.

Of course we all remember the debt ceiling fight of 2011, where our credit was downgraded after our new Tea Party friends in Congress argued with their Neocon Republican counterparts about whether or not they’d pay the bill for money already spent. When they waffled a bit too long, our credit rating dropped.

Yes folks, how it works in your household works the same for the Government.

I could go on, believe me I could, but let’s ring in the New Year with some hope for the 113th Congress. Let’s hope that they are more functional and won’t be the boondoggle nightmare that the country elected in 2010.

It has always been confusing to me why people who claim to hate Government so much would end up with so much power in it; Their first and foremost priority is to prove why government doesn’t work and that it should be dismantled, right?

They figure if they don’t appoint heads of agencies, cut funding to those agencies so they can’t work properly and gripe and grouse about everything else that may cost money that miraculously Government would cease to function.

The 112th Congress was that group. Many of them, mostly from the Tea Party, came to burn the place down. They set a good blaze and nearly succeeded in their desired destruction. Now their term is up.

2014 is a midterm election and Democrats, Lefties and Libs rarely show up in full force to take part in it, but the situation is dire and we have a long road ahead back to prosperity. We need to be just as organized and motivated as we were in 2012.

I hope that the 113th will, at the very least, understand that all out destruction is not the way to make Government better: Sensible policies, compromise and a lot less hostility is the better way. Hopefully they won’t set too many more fires over the next two years, particularly since we’re still trying to put out the major one that nearly cost us everything in 2008.

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One comment on “The Winner and Still Champion…112th Worst Congress EVER!

  1. sherwood8028
    January 6, 2013

    I totally agree with whoever wrote this and I will copy it to send to all of my friends and even some of those who still are paddling their way through a self-imposed sea of confusion. HOWEVER, you are never going to persuade people by offering them volumes of material. All that needs to be said is the fact that the 112th Congress has an established record of being the most incompetent – ever! But before any one dares to gloat over this fact, remember it was you and I and our non-voting friends, associates and relatives who made it possible for them to hold office. PLAN NOW to see that they will never have another such opportunity! Sherwood MacRaeCookeville, TN

    Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2013 19:30:29 +0000 To:

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