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Never Reward People Who Propose to Solve the Problems They Create: Remembering W

Barack Obama is behind in the fundraising race. No sexy primaries, a tepid economy, and this time the big dollar donors aren’t in the middle of the worst financial crises of their lives. Keep the corporate takeover of government from completing their stacking of the deck in favor of the wealthy or the Libertarian Teahadis from ripping apart the government from inside the Congress like a bunch of bone-wielding chimps (With apologies to Chimps, who have more common sense and better manners than most Teahadis.). Share this and make sure that you give a little something to protect our Democracy at  Remember: ONLY YOU…

About Brian Ross

Brian Ross is a writer, screenwriter, political satirist, documentarian, filmmaker and chef. Ad hoc, ad loc, quid pro quo... so little time. So much to know!

8 comments on “Never Reward People Who Propose to Solve the Problems They Create: Remembering W

  1. thedrpete
    April 22, 2012

    This is so demagoguery-friendly and so simultaneosly-liberty-and-unalienable-rights-ignorant as to be ridiculous. :Progressively-ppreposterous.

    • Mashed Potato Bulletin
      April 22, 2012

      I dunno.. I thought it was pretty great! Very creative and oh yeah… spot on 🙂

      • Brian Ross
        April 23, 2012

        That’s why the bear has the shovel… Folks like Dr. Pete spread it, take what grows, and leave the rest of us to shovel it.

      • thedrpete
        April 23, 2012

        Do you, MPB, take any value from the Declaration of Independence, which sets the predicate and rational for the U.S. Constitution? Do you see that Constitution as supreme law of the land, or do you prefer to just make it up as we go?

        Do you think that Mr. Ross’ “give a little something to protect our Democracy” was “pretty great” or on the other hand “[v]ery creative”, the latter because the United States was neither designed as a democracy nor has it ever functioned as one?

    • Mashed Potato Bulletin
      April 23, 2012

      Dr. Pete> “…take any value from the Declaration of Independence, which sets the predicate and rational for the U.S. Constitution?”

      Well yes, and I value the idea of keeping corporate dollars out of our elections. Do you feel corporations should have undo influence on elections that a supposed to be the people’s voice in our government?

      • thedrpete
        April 24, 2012

        “[F]eel”? “[U]ndo”? Do you THINK, MPB, that, say, the New York Times should be allowed to have an editorial page? Do you THINK, MPB, that, say, the NEA (National Education Association) should be allowed to contribute big bucks to Democrat campaigns to create a quid-pro-quo in negotiations over teacher compensation, all at the expense of taxpayers, including those who you say have “undo influence”?

        Not that you probably care, but the problems with the above are (a) the federal government is 4+ times its constitutional size and scope, so businesses have to spend inordinate effort currying favor with it rather than their customers, and (b) FDR bullied the Supremes into allowing exemption to labor unions from both respecting the unalienable right to liberty (Remember that Declaration of Independence thingy?) and the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

        McCain-Feingold is clearly unconstitutional. George W. Bush should have vetoed it, but demurred to the Supremes. The decision to which you object is an attempt by them to walk McCain-Feingold back.

      • Mashed Potato Bulletin
        April 24, 2012

        Oh, “Dr” Pete you are, indeed, good for a laugh. You should really consider political satire. You’ve got some talent there.

  2. thedrpete
    April 24, 2012

    Pretty heady, MPB, in response to two legitimate questions which were directly responsive to your statement and prior query, that along with reasoned explanation of the issue, all factually verifiable. Yours was SOP, MPB, for liberal-leftist-feely-whiney types.

    That wasn’t attack; it was political satire.

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