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To Rush Limbaugh and the GOP Dittoheads: It’s “We, the People,” not “I, the Person”

Rush Limbaugh is an ass.

  • He thinks that the more sex you have, the more birth control pills you need to take.
  • He thinks women who need birth control are sluts.  If the collective “we” has to pay for contraceptive care, then the collective “we” should get to watch videos of girls having sex.
  • He thinks a woman , who speaks on behalf of a friend who lost an ovary because she was denied access to contraceptives, should have parents who are ashamed of her.

No, Rush. Shame on you.

As a former employee of Clear Channel, which carries Limbaugh’s show nationwide on its radio stations, I am disgusted that they let him get away with this behavior.

Shock jocks like Howard Stern and Don Imus have been fired for less than what Rush has done. As far as I know, he has not even been reprimanded.  He apologized, then continued his attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

Fluke is a brave and strong woman.  She probably did not expect to be the spokesperson, or the Right-wing lightning rod for this movement, but she is handling it with dignity and grace.

Right-wingers in the media are coming out and saying things like: “Why should I pay for your birth control?” and “Why should I subsidize your sex life?”

I have no children and have no intentions of having children. Yet I pay taxes which go to the Department of Education and to state and local boards of education to educate your children, especially those of you who do not believe in birth control and have upwards of 7 children. Yet I do not complain about it.

I feel that my tax dollars are going to the public good because having educated children who grow up and become the best versions of themselves is a positive thing for society. Just like family planning and preventative care medicine are for the common good of a society where we are not all just individuals. We are a community. We are members.  Along with our right to freedom comes our responsibilities to the common good of our communities and our country as a whole.

Maybe you should buy your own nuke to protect your house and your freedom from foreign powers.  Or let some corporation charge you $2.00 every time you drive down the street that they built that runs in front of your house. There are places where government serves the common good. Public health is one of those places.

So for all of you who believe in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, you strict Founding Fathers followers, may I just say; It’s “We the People” not “I the Person”.

9 comments on “To Rush Limbaugh and the GOP Dittoheads: It’s “We, the People,” not “I, the Person”

  1. thedrpete
    March 6, 2012

    Rush Limbaugh has for years demonstrated absurdity with absurdity. The end of his response to the absurdity that is Sandra Fluke and her behavior was over-the-top, and he apologized for it. I note that when one radio talkshow host called Laura Ingram a “slut”, liberals-leftists-progressives-Democrats raised not a single eyebrow or voice. Whe another talkshow host called Governor Sarah Palin a “cu#t”, ditto. No ehyebrows; no voices.

    I think that Limbaugh was trying to figure out why Fluke would need $3,000 (her claim) for birth control to get through law school. He concluded that the tab must also include condoms. That despite they’re being available free just 1.7 miles from Georgetown.

    Neither Limbaugh to my knowledge nor I listened to any talk about a friend with a lost ovary. Maybe that was late — way past what I could bear — in her faux testimony before a faux committee.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and (property from whence comes) the pursuit of happiness.” From the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, predicate to the Constitution.

    “We the People” empowered a federal government to collectively defend what each American has an unalienable right to self-defend, our unalienable rights, no more and no less. There is no-nil-nada-zero-zip-zilch constitutional authority (See Article 1 Section 8) to be involved in education or in health or healthcare.

    Fluke spoke NOT on behalf of a friend, but as continuation of her activism as part of her undergraduate studies at Cornell a decade ago where she majored in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She got the tab for the $45k per year for Georgetown Law tuition paid in part by Americorps, a government sponsored community organizer cadre. She chose Georgetown BECAUSE it didn’t “cover” birth control for its students. Unable to get any traction, she sought the assistance of Nancy Pelosi, who was just the right whack-job do do it.

    Meanwhile — and despite all of this distraction and absurdity — America is a train traveling at geometrically-increasing speed inexorably toward a cliff. Stock market tanked today . . . again . . . and just wait to see what this economy does in the second quarter. Gonna be ugly.

    • Brian Ross
      March 7, 2012

      Life Lesson, Kiddies: It’s this kind of hyperbole, regurgitated out of the Right media’s diatribes, and then embraced by selective vocal members like DrPete here, that are the rewarding product of years of very intelligent people’s playing to fear.

      The stock market at 12,700 didn’t “tank” yesterday, Dr. Pete. Tanking is the 6800 to 8000 that the DOW languished in after Mr. Bush’s tenure ended and his free market privateers bankrupted the top financial firms of the world with the Emperor’s New Clothes thinking that sold nothing to backstop nothing to backstop nothing on which billions were transacted. A 12,000 DOW is generous, actually, in a weak economy that is slowly improving.

      The jobs rate will fall to 8% by election time, down from 8.5%, economists from the sane world are saying, in spite of rising gas prices, etc.

      It is somewhat amusing when you watch the Chicken Littles like Dr. Pete screaming about how the sky is falling with the deficit and the debt. In inflation-adjusted dollars, our situations after WWI and WWII were actually more dire. It was bad in the Reagan era. Read Our GDP is bigger than China and Japan combined.

      Can China catch us one day? Perhaps. They first have to figure out how to get rid of the boat anchor of 1.1B people who live below the poverty line, and have to go to another country to look up to someone who has risen to the level of piss poor. The Japanese can work day and night, and in the end, all of the Fox paranoia is just that. We have the largest farmable land mass, the best weather, the longest history of public education for all, the deepest literacy level for a country of our size, a more maintainable and relatively stable population mass and the list just keeps going on.

      The only thing that can screw us up is ourselves. You, Dr. Pete, are a shining example of that fear-driven mania overriding common sense.

      Anyone who can try and explain away Rush Limbaugh with “Rush Limbaugh has for years demonstrated absurdity with absurdity” is either an apologist or an idiot. His normal bile and innuendo exploded into full blown misogynistic rage. To call a woman studying at Georgetown Law a “slut” and a “prostitute” is inexcusable, and worse still, coming nowhere close to making a reasoned point about the issue. He doesn’t like birth control? Fine. Go for it. It’s a free country to speak about it. Stick to the issues.

      To your comment:

      “I think that Limbaugh was trying to figure out why Fluke would need $3,000 (her claim) for birth control to get through law school. He concluded that the tab must also include condoms. That despite they’re being available free just 1.7 miles from Georgetown.”

      This the kind of apologist tripe that makes you, and any Dittohead who attempts to excuse or reason away Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks, an accomplice to his racism and sexism and fear mongering.

      I write all this not to convince you, Dr.Pete, because I know older folks from the Far Right with their craniums that far up the wazzoo aren’t pulling it out long enough to take a breath of fresh air, stow all their fear and bile, or develop a new point of view.

      My hope is that someone else coming along and picking up this thread, someone who may be on the downhill to Dittoheaddom, will stop themselves before they succumb to the Dark Side, and become as hopelessly lost in their fear, selfishness and mistrust of the common citizenry.

      Everyone makes mistakes. At least own up when your anti-hero does and call him out for the wrong that he did there, even if you generally agree with him otherwise.

      • Jane Moss
        March 7, 2012

        I just caught the point that Sandra Fluke went to Georgetown BECAUSE they didnt provide contraceptive coverage and I had to laugh. Was she secretly plotting the right wing assault on women’s access to preventative health care coverage? If so, then bravo. She is pretty damn amazing. I am sure she has been biding her time just waiting until people would start talking birth control again, searching through all the colleges to find one that was close enough to the most powerful woman in the democratic party that also didnt allow contraceptive coverage, then masterfully tricking them into admitting her into law school 3 YEARS before the debate she scammed up went public. If that is truly what you believe happened, then you need to give her props for being a serious political strategist and adversary and the USA should be keeping an eye on our future Mrs. President Fluke.

      • Brian Ross
        March 8, 2012

        Dr.Pete is a grad of old DS (Delusional State).

  2. thedrpete
    March 6, 2012

    Rush Limbaugh was demagogued incessantly about his, “I hope Obama fails” statement. He, like, I, knows what the Obama agenda is, and so we hope that he fails in his attempt to implode capitalism and America.

    What Wanda Sykes says about Limbaugh makes what he said about Fluke pale by comparison. Obama laughed with Sykes, but called to console Fluke.

  3. Jennifer Mercer
    March 6, 2012

    David Letterman confused Sarah Palin’s daughters and made an off color joke about her. Conservatives were up in arms demanding that he quit her job. So Sandra Fluke was an activist. That makes it ok to defame her character? I hope she sues his ass.

    • thedrpete
      March 6, 2012

      What did Letterman say that confused the Palin daughters? And he made an off-color joke about whom? Did Letterman have Palin’s job? Is that why he was asked to quit it? You’ve muddied my waters, Ms. Mercer.

      Sandra Fluke lacks the prerequisite to have her character defamed. And it would be great fun to have Fluke sue Limbaugh’s ass? I volunteer for jury duty.

  4. Jane Moss
    March 7, 2012

    Dr. Pete, you become easily flustered. I could spend all day routing out the democratic talking points and regurgitating them to you, but I know that none of it will get through to you. You are woefully ignorant and paranoid and I feel sorry

    And to my second point, was anyone timing how long until the right tried to turn Limbaugh into the victim?

    • Brian Ross
      March 8, 2012

      It wasn’t long. Brent “Bozo” Bozell, who has spent 35+ years trying to destroy the Fourth Estate and fact-checking, is on the move:

      Want to know more about him?

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