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Who is the Club for Growth?

One comment on “Who is the Club for Growth?

  1. David P. Turnbole
    July 29, 2011

    It has long been my theory that there was big money behind the Republican party. This confirms my suspicions. The Teapublicans are terrorists, economic terrorists with no concept of how to run a government. The vote as they’ve been told or they’ll be out of office and the big money will dupe some other poor sucker into doing their bidding. Please, don’t get me wrong on this, the Republican party itself is not a bad entity. They have their own philosophies and the Democrats have theirs. What I strenously object to are the lies and deceit that were used to con voters into getting these morons from the Tea Party into office. Attack ads that absolutely weren’t true but lay the suspicion into the minds of voters about the opposing candidate. People like Sarah Palin, uneducated, misguided and inept, or her protege’, Michelle Bachmann, God told her to run. But then God must have spoken to several in the Tea Party, either that or we are looking at some purely dillusional people trying to gain the highest office in the land. How to react?
    The sad truth is, even by voting out the Tea Party in its entirety, we are left with morons that are collecting a pension of hundreds of thousands of dollars, have full medical benefits and will be on the election circuit preaching how mistreated and misunderstood they were. The Tea Party needs to be brought out into the sunlight. Show who really IS funding this terrorism and why. It’s not simply to protect the tax breaks for the large corporations and individuals. No, it’s much more sinister. The theory has been put out that the top money in this country want to take over, they want a world monetary system of their own choosing. They want a world government with them as the leaders. After all, if they have that much money between them, surely they must know more than us peons.
    Be that as it may, I see sinister plans in allowing the government to default on it’s ability to borrow to pay for what we’ve already bought. With treasury bonds worthless they could buy them up by the millions and own the country. They could demand that the country not be run by duly elected officials but by them. Already there is a call to have a “Super Congress” consisting of 6 from each party that would make all of the decisions. MY duly elected official would have no say in the matter. Neither would yours for the most part.
    How DO we stem the rising tide of Nazism? Stop the propaganda machine. I blame the press and television for the hatred being spewed in this country. Rupert Murdock’s empire starts to crumble and he puts a huge fortune on the line to say it wasn’t him, it was some minion of his. Bull hockey. Murdock doesn’t trust anyone that much. Television takes the millions that these corporate giants are willing to spend, and they take it with no consideration of the content. I saw a Republican candidate from the south on a show, nameless, that espouses $100.00 donations only. If one million people donate $100.00 each he’d have enough money to run a decent, non attacking ad campaign. I say HOORAY! Let’s make it mandatory that no donation from any single individual, family or corporation can exceed $100.00. Then let’s tell the media that the first negative ad they run will result in us turning off that channel.
    Next, and here’s the hard part because those in office want to STAY in office and those who only serve a term and are out want their so called benefits. Let’s start with salaries. Jr. executives, which most of these House Representatives are, should be paid as if they were working outside of the capitol. Health insurance should be exactly what they dictate the American public must have. If they vote to abolish medical insurance for anyone they should also abolish it for themselves. Absolutely no benefits to those who are voted out, regardless of their tenure. If you aren’t doing the job the American voters put you there for and they vote you out, you just got fired. No one gets benefits for being fired. Those who actually retire after a maximum of 12 years in office should receive a separation stipend for their service. No service personel get more than a portion of their salary when they retire. 12 years should be the maximum anyone person can serve, and only one time. That is for Senators, Representatives and the President. Give them time to fix things, set it right, turn it over to someone else. Serving should not be a career, it should be a privilege.
    For any group or individual that wishes to take away or modify down my Social Security, which I paid for my whole working career, to remove the medical safety net I rely on to stay alive, then folks, you’ll have a fight on your hands because you may have the money but I have votes. I will canvas the entirety of my region, on foot if need be, to gather the votes to overwhelm you.
    David P. Turnbole
    One pissed off independent voter

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